Layered Memories

There is a very cool photo on the Dutch goes the Photo! blog taken in an abandoned barn.

It brought to mind the abandoned buildings on our family farm.  All the childhood memories layered in the dust and the cobwebs, and the way our imaginations project those memories on the screen of our minds.

Below is a picture of my oldest daughter (snapped by my younger daughter) walking out into the field at the farm.  The building on the right was a pig barn when we built it in the 70s.  It is now a shed.  I can remember making the concrete for the floor and  gutters, a cement mixer churning slowly, me shoveling in the sand, gravel and cement mix, spraying water with a leaky hose that drenched everything within range, including brothers, father and dog.

Faun into the horizon

The old wood building to the left was a granary, and one spring a swarm of bees attached itself to the wall and decided to call it home.  I can remember how terrified I was of those bees, and fearing that they would swarm me if I came too close.

And in the middle of memory, there’s my daughter, walking through those projected pasts into a world of her own making.


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